Cocktails: Siegerdrinks des Brocktail Contest 2018 by Brockmans

Auch im Jahr 2018 lud Brockmans Gin professionelle Bartender weltweit zum Brocktail Contest ein. Insgesamt 242 Cocktailkreationen aus 18 Ländern erreichten den Hersteller, der daraufhin zum Publikumsvoting auf seiner Website aufrief. Am 9. Juni, dem World Gin Day 2018, wurden die drei Sieger und deren Drinks bekannt gegeben: Platz eins belegte Kal Ruparell aus dem „33Cankstreet“ in Leicester in Großbritannien mit dem „Betty Brown [aka Gin-Dependant-Woman]“. Zweitplatzierter wurde Anton Maltsev aus dem „Levaldva“ in Moskau in Russland mit der Kreation „Stan Moskowitz“, während der dritte Platz an Tuca Di Matheo aus dem „Maçãs Club“ in Sintra in Portugal für den Drink „The Red Fog“ ging. Alle drei dürfen sich auf eine Reise zu den Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans freuen.

Betty Brown [aka Gin-Dependant-Woman]
Bild: Brockmans
„Betty Brown [aka Gin-Dependant-Woman]“
„Betty Brown [aka Gin-Dependant-Woman]“
by Kal Ruparell, „33Cankstreet“, Leicester, Great Britain

50 ml Brockmans Gin
35 ml Homemade Quince Cordial*
10 ml Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto
5 ml Campari
3 drops of Saline (10%)

* For Quince cordial

6 quince, peeled, seeded, and chopped
400 gr sugar
100 ml lemon juice
1/4 gr salt

Method: Stir all ingredients on ice. For the quince cordial, bring to boil all ingredients in a covered saucepan and simmer for 2 hours. Once chilled to room temperature, transfer to the fridge and chill overnight. The following day, strain out chunks/solids (but don’t throw these away). Strain on block ice into a double old-fashioned glass. Garnish with homemade quince fruit leather** or fizzy belt, and discard lemon twist and rosebud

** For the fruit leather/fizzy belt, you’ll need to take the solids and blend with 50% by weight of fresh strawberries & approximately 100 ml water (add more water to aid the blending). Pass through Chinois and spread onto dehydrator trays evenly (approx 3 mm thick). Dehydrate on 65-degree c for 9 hours. Whilst still sticky, dust with homemade sherbet (3 parts citric acid powder, 2 parts icing sugar, 1/2 part baking soda). Or just go to the sweet shop across the road and bye Fizzy belts…

Stan Moskowitz
Bild: Brockmans
„Stan Moskowitz“
„Stan Moskowitz“
by Anton Maltsev, „Levaldva“, Moscow, Russia

60 ml Brockmans Gin
5 ml Maraschino Liqueur
5 ml Violet Liqueur
20 ml Pommeau de Normandie
5 ml Manzanilla Liqueur
75 gr of Fried Corn
15 gr Lemon
50 ml Milk

Method: Infuse all of the ingredients without milk for 12 hours. Then add the milk, heat all the ingredients on low heat (but don’t bring to boil), and let cool. Filter the liquid with coffee filters, thereby separating the cocktail from the milk. The taste turns out to be soft, and the cocktail itself is transparent. Stir

The Red Fog
Bild: Brockmans
„The Red Fog“
„The Red Fog“
by Tuca Di Matheo, „Maçãs Club“, Sintra, Portugal

75 ml Brockmans Gin
2 dashes of Angostura Orange
25 ml Sugar Syrup
120 ml Red Fruit Tea
Zest of Orange
Zest of Grapefruit
Ice with flowers

Method: Inside the teapot place the red fruit tea bag with 120 ml of hot water followed by the 75 ml of Brockmans Gin, one zest of orange, one zest of pink grapefruit, 25 ml of sugar syrup and two dashes of orange juice. Stir with barspoon. Prepare two teacups with spherical ice with flowers while the infusion is being prepared. Garnish with rosemary and raspberry.

Kal Ruparell, Sieger des Brocktail Contest 2018 und Betreiber des „33Cankstreet“, über seinen Sieg: „I am extremely pleased and proud to have successfully competed against so many bartenders from so many countries around the world. I see this as a win for all the bars in Leicester, helping put the City firmly on the map. Brockmans is popular on our menu and we get through 3 or 4 bottles a week. The Betty Brown is a particular favourite at the moment.“

Quelle: Perola / Brockmans


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